Fixed Income Products

Fixed Income Products

Bonds, Debentures, Company Fixed Deposits (Corporate FDs) are term deposits held over fixed period at fixed/flexible rates of interest.

Fixed Income Products are offered by Financial and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).
Fixed Deposits in India have existed for a long time, and it is favored by a majority of the population of our country. However, fixed deposits are not reliable when it comes to long-term goals. FDs can be a wise option in a short-term plan because they have a guaranteed return.

Over the years, the interest rates on FDs have decreased, leaving people questioning the credibility of FDs. To overcome this problem, many corporate firms have offered the option of corporate fixed deposits.

Just like banks, many corporate companies have the liberty to collect a certain amount of deposits over a fixed tenure at a prescribed interest rate.
Corporate Fixed Deposits work precisely like banks’ fixed deposit. The company allows the people to choose the tenure of their choice and flexibility. The higher interest rates than bank FDs make corporate fixed deposits stand apart.

Corporate FDs operate like bank FDs and offer a higher return to senior citizens than they provide to non-senior citizens.

The penalty period of early withdrawal of your FDs amount is usually lower than what you pay on a Bank FD. The RBI guidelines ensure that all the companies collecting deposits follow the guidelines. Hence, this decreases the risk involved keeping it minimum for the investors.

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